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The Advantages of Learning in an Automatic Car.
  Learning to drive in an automatic is easier than in a manual car.  Because there are no gears to change and no clutch to operate it  leaves you free to concentrate on the road without being  distracted by having to use the gears and clutch.     As you squeeze the accelerator the car will build up speed and  change gear by it's self, when you need to slow down, you ease  off the accelerator and squeeze the brake. As the car slows  down, it will again change gear by it's self so the car is always in  the correct gear.     If you need to stop you just keep squeezing the brake and the car will come to a  stop without stalling. When you want to move off again, you just move your foot  back onto the accelerator and the car will pull away.     Because an Automatic is easier to drive, and because you only need to use one  foot, it is ideally suited to anybody who may have tried to learn in a manual car but  found it to difficult, or to anybody who may have a disability.     The only disadvantage of learning in an Automatic is  that when you pass the Driving Test in an Automatic, you  only get a full licence for an Automatic, which means that  if you wanted to drive a manual car, you would need to  pass a driving test in a manual car.    From experience though, I can say that the vast majority of people don't want to go back to a manual car once the've driven an Automatic.